Welcome to Uni Notes

Our Mission

Our Mission

Uni Notes is here to help you navigate your tertiary studies and early stage career development.

We want to offer you support for your whole journey: the transition from high school, learning what it takes to excel at university, and finding internships and graduate jobs.

There’s a lot to know, and that’s why we foster a supportive community of current and recently graduated students to offer you information, resources, and wisdom!

It doesn’t matter if you're aiming for top marks or just trying to pass – Uni Notes is about helping you do your best and find the right career path.

We’re an ever-expanding team of passionate educators, having grown from ATAR Notes which began in 2007, to a thriving ecosystem with thousands of students and alumni.

If you are looking for study resources, help with university or careers, or just want to contribute to an active student community, we’d love to have you on board!

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Code of Conduct

Uni Notes is a student-oriented company and a student-led community. That’s because we believe your peers and recently graduated students are often the best people to provide advice, resources, and a real-life perspective for your studies and your future.

In order to keep Uni Notes a safe and fair place for all, we ask you to abide by three simple rules:

1. Pass on what you have learned

This is our guiding philosophy – your insights and expertise might be just what some other student needs. And in return, you have access to all kinds of resources and guidance from those who’ve been in your shoes too. So join in on our Discussions page, upload some of your old Notes, and help shape a positive, productive student community!

2. Your contribution to Uni Notes must be your own

Uni Notes is a place for you to share your knowledge and experience. Uni Notes is not a place for you to request or distribute copyrighted materials.

We take copyright infringement and academic integrity very seriously. This includes materials provided by your university, published resources like textbooks, and paid resources such as those sold by other students.

If you are a university or publisher who believes that your resources are being distributed improperly on Uni Notes, please contact us immediately and we will take appropriate action.

3. The work you submit to your university must be your own

All universities have strict policies regarding collusion – that is, the act of secretly cooperating or soliciting help from others for a piece of assessment and then submitting that work as completely your own. This is prohibited by most universities’ charters and can result in serious penalties, including automatically failing a subject or being put on academic probation. We don’t want this to happen to you, which is why we have a strict no-tolerance policy towards collusion.

The following are examples of behaviour that violates academic integrity and our code of conduct:

  • • Uploading lecture slides, practice exams, or exclusive resources provided by your university
  • • Sharing or requesting illegal copies of textbooks and copyrighted publications
  • • Purchasing or downloading another student’s notes and reuploading them yourself
  • • Soliciting an excessive amount of help for an assignment that should be your own work
  • • Using Uni Notes during an open book exam or assignment as a form of collusion

If you see this or any other material that contravenes this code of conduct, please contact us.

Thank you for keeping Uni Notes a trustworthy place for all students.

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