Undergraduate Certificate in Science

University of Tasmania - Cradle Coast

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The Undergraduate Certificate in Science is your opportunity to learn more about the world the around you, and dip your toes in an exciting future career in science.

This course will introduce you to the nature and role of science in society. You’ll examine what science is, the importance of science for sustainable development, and learn about the role of ethical conduct in scientific endeavour.

You’ll explore keys topics in biology, such as metabolism, growth and production, sensing and response, and adaption and evolution, and have the opportunity to apply your knowledge in practical laboratory experiences. You will also learn how to collect and analyse scientific data and statistics, and be introduced to data management software where you’ll learn how to present and communicate statistical information effectively.

This course has been developed in consultation with industry experts, such as Fementasmania and the aquaculture industry, and incorporates learning through practice by giving you authentic learning experiences. This means you’ll be developing the skills, knowledge and behaviours necessary to respond to industry demands, placing you in good stead for a future career in science-based growth industries, such as fermentation or salmon aquaculture. If you complete the Undergraduate Certificate in Science and wish to continue further study, you can apply for an Associate Degree in Applied Science or Bachelor of Science.

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Potential Career Outcomes

The Undergraduate Certificate in Science will give you the opportunity to learn in a practical environmental by offering you authentic learning experiences, such as virtual or face-to-face laboratory sessions, to practice your new skills and knowledge. As a result, you will be developing skills, knowledge and behaviours that employers are looking for in the workforce. Careers in science are also upwards trending, with projections showing that employment is set to grow in a variety of roles by 2024, including Environmental Scientists (12.5% increase), Professional, scientific and technical service roles (14.7%), and Market research statistical service roles (16.5%)*.

By completing the Undergraduate Certificate in Science you can transition into further study, and apply for credit towards a Bachelor of Science where you can choose from a variety of majors, or an Associate Degree in Applied Science where you will have the option to choose between two specialised streams depending on your interest area. You can learn how to use science to build a career in the food and beverage industry with our Fermentation and Separation stream. Or, if you’d love to work in Tasmania’s booming aquaculture industry, our hands-on Sustainable Aquaculture stream is for you.

*Source: ABS Labour Force Survey, National Skills Commission trend data to May 2019 and projections to 2024.

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Admission Criteria

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