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MTH3110: Differential Geometry

MTH3110: Differential Geometry

Monash University
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9 years ago

30% Assignments (fortnightly starting from week 3)
10% Participation (just turn up and tick your name off the list)
60% Exam
This is an introduction to differential geometry. The first half of the course is taught by Dan, who talks about geometry of curves. The second half of the course is taught by Enrico, who talks about geometry of surfaces. They have very different lecturing styles from each other -- Dan talks a lot and writes down EVERYTHING but in contrast Enrico is very minimalist. I think I liked Enrico's lectures better because I had a better understanding as to what was 'important' and what was 'less important' to know.

Assignments are easy. They are especially easy if you read the textbook, if you know what I mean... There were some issues with plagiarism because of that, so maybe it'll change next year. But they should still be relatively straightforward questions. Tutes are stock-standard. Just turn up and tick your name off, and walk out the door. I found the exam fair -- there are lots of easy marks but also enough harder questions to separate the strong from the weak students.

When I got to the end of the unit, to be honest, I wasn't really sure what I'd learned. As the name implies there is a lot of differentiation. I guess this unit is okay.
Daniel Mathews, Enrico Carlini
Past Exams Available
Yes, there are 2 with answers. If you want an extra practice exam, PM me.
2.5 out of 5
Recorded Lectures
For the first time ever, yes. They are videotaped with blackboards and all.
Textbook Recommendation
Elementary Differential Geometry, Andrew Pressley.

This textbook is your bible. You don't need to buy it though, there is a PDF version online. The course covers chapters 1-10.
3x 1 hour lectures per week
1x 1 hour tute per week
Year & Semester Of Completion
2014 sem 2
Your Mark / Grade

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